Pros and Cons of Internet

The Internet is an ocean of knowledge and this can be used to the benefit of millions of people all over the world. This is, in fact, what has been going on for so many years. People have been utilizing the Internet in a way to suit their needs and requirements. The Internet has been used for ages as a means of gaining knowledge about any topic. However, there are some elements of the Internet that render it disadvantageous for certain age groups. This is why the Internet is not completely safe for use by anyone and everyone. Pros and cons of Internet are presented below.

Pros of Internet

There are many pros of Internet. It can be used to look for information regarding any topic. The Internet is a huge database of information and it can be used to draw facts about anything any time and any where. It is the most convenient form of learning about something new or increasing your knowledge about a certain topic. It can be accessed from anywhere and can be used at times of emergencies as well.

Apart from these pros of Internet, it keeps you abreast of all the events that are taking place throughout the world in the form of news, related pictures and videos. Newspapers are definitely an integral part of this process, but the Internet gets updated with the latest news much faster than newspapers get printed. So the news that you get is accurate and fresh.

One of the pros of Internet is that it is also a great way to keep in touch with your friends, family members and loved ones. Nuclear families are the trend of the day and keeping in touch with your family members who live far away becomes a bit problematic. The Internet comes to the rescue in the form of social networking sites, emails and chat rooms. Apart from family and friends, the Internet also forms a perfect medium for business meetings that are held across countries, which has become a common affair these days. Video conferencing enables clients in Japan to interact with their suppliers in the United States.

Cons of Internet

There are also a few cons of Internet. The first one is inappropriate exposure to pornography. This is a major issue that concerns parents of all pre teen and teenage children. The Internet is a readily available source of pornography and other adult content. Children who are at the age of experimenting may land up viewing content that is not appropriate for them.

Among other cons of Internet are the following ones. The Internet is a source of computer viruses which can pose a major threat to your computer. These can cause serious damage to your system. So it is important to have an antivirus program on your computer. In this case a chance to be infected by one virus or the other decreases.

These are some things which still make people wary about using the Internet. But you may consider pros and cons of Internet to make your choice.