Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is a means of punishing those who have committed serious crimes like rape, murder, homicide, etc. This form of punishment has been prevalent for ages and is still in practice in many countries all around the world like Asia, the United States and the Middle East. There are various ways in which this feat is accomplished and each country has its own method. Some use electrocution while others use the lethal injection. Nowadays, hanging and shooting are not common. There are some people who believe that capital punishment is the only way to punish those who have committed the heinous crimes. There are others who believe that capital punishment is cruel and ancient and should not be a part of the civilized society. Pros and cons of capital punishment are the following.

Pros of Capital Punishment

One of the major pros of capital punishment is instilling fear in the minds of criminals who may be plotting to commit such crimes in future. It is a lesson for them so that they do not end up doing the same thing in future. The life of a person is very dear to him and capital punishment is a way to show criminals their fate if they commit such hideous crimes. Capital punishment is perfect for serial killers because they commit the same crime over and over again and even imprisonment cannot bring them on the right track.

There is also no guarantee that the imprisoned person will not come out and commit the same crime that he was imprisoned for in the first place. In that case, capital punishment proves to be an apt punishment. Also, some believe that life imprisonment is of no use since it just makes the criminal miserable and the authorities also end up spending for him in vain. The better option is to end his life once and for all.

Some strongly believe that someone who commits murder does not have the right to live. In such cases, capital punishment is the only way out. It is often a form of revenge against the life that has been lost or ruined.

Cons of Capital Punishment

Some people think capital punishment is highly unethical as no one has the right to any one’s life. It is seen that mostly poor people are subjected to capital punishment, because they do not have the resources to employ good lawyers to defend themselves.

There are cases when the jurisdiction is not accurate and an innocent person is subjected to capital punishment. In such cases, one of the cons of capital punishment is that the life of an innocent is lost and that is definitely not good for the reputation of the law and order of the country. It has been proved that capital punishment does not decrease the crime rates. Since the major objective of capital punishment is to reduce those rates, it simply does not make sense.